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Yei Kaalu Memorial Hospital when completed, will service the city of Sanniquellie in Liberia West Africa. Click the icon below to donate online through Guidestar.  

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Grandma Yei Kaalu 1986


Grandmother Yei Kaalu always wanted Dorine Gono to go to school. She volunteered to take care of her two children while she attended school. Her Grandma’s only advice was to get her education, return home and give back to the community. She was so compassionate and caring. To continue her legacy of compassion and caring, this hospital is dedicated to her. Though her Grandma, is not with us anymore, her name will remain on the lips of those she left here forever through the services that will be provided at her hospital. Providing medical care is part of her passion so we will keep that alive.

Listen to South African musician Busi Mhlongo sing "We Baba Omncane" which means "If Don't Listen to Our Parents".  Very fitting.  Click and Listen!


Yei Kaalu Memorial Hospital is located in Sanniquellie City, Nimba County, Liberia. It was built as my way of giving back to the community. My Grandmother, Yei Kaalu, in whose honor the hospital was named, always wanted me to return home and help my people. This hospital was therefore, a realization and continuation of her passion for caring for other people.

This 27 bed hospital offers inpatient and outpatient services. Other services provided include Emergency care, maternity, nursing, pharmacy. Yei Kaalu will focus on preventative care through community health education and counseling. Pediatric care and rehabilitation will be on the top of our list of services.  It was Yei Kaalu's dream and our current effort to not only focus on physical healing but to also focus on the mental, social, spiritual and economic healing as a complete community effort.  One cannot approach one aspect without considering all other aspects as a whole.

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To promote the health and well-being of the local population by providing accessible, high quality medical care for people of all ages. We are committed to providing services that will exceed the expectations of our patients, resulting in a successful and profitable business.

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