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Yei Kaalu Memorial serves the local residents of Sanniquellie city, and its surrounding villages and towns. The hospital also welcomes patients from neighboring countries of Guinea and the Ivory Coast. Besides these specific areas mentioned, everyone is welcome to our hospital.

Yei Kaalu provides basic and preventative care services. Its outpatient department treats patients daily and the Emergency ward is open and ready to treat all patients that need emergency services.

​You can be assured – we have a commitment to excellence when it comes to the level of care we provide


Our staff of volunteers from around the world along with local medical professionals are ready to serve Nimba County with state of the art medical equipment donated from hospitals located in the USA as well as Europe. 


We will initially have a van and two jeeps that travel the regions providing medical expertise to individuals unable to make the journey to our hospital.  Telemedicine and drone drug delivery provide added care protection to our patients as needed without wasting valuable time.


Malnutrition is a tremendous problem in Liberia on so many levels.  This may be one of our most important services.  With proper nutrition and sanitation, much of our work will be mitigated; therefore, a vast majority of our work will be focused on this utilizing all our technology and compassion to address this need.


 The definition of Internal medicine is essentially 'delving into underlying pathological causes of symptoms and syndromes by use of laboratory investigations.'  We hoped to be linked to a major teaching medical school where research into the unique pathologies of the region can be better understood and mitigated.  Training local resident as aides will further enhance the prevention as well as healing process as part of community.  We believe there is no real health without community, therefore, a healthy community is a health person...a health child is our marker.


Clean water is central to delivering sustainable health care at our hospital.  We will have a reverse osmosis water filtering system that will not only provide water to our patients, but to as many people in the town and region as possible. This alone will mitigate most of our health issues along with good sanitation.


Unique to Yei Kaalu Memorial Hospital is our ability to access pharmacuticals not kept on premise with our Yei Drone Delivery Network.  This helps keep costs low on a just in time basis and without risk to the community by keeping dangerous drugs on site.


Women all over the world are underserved, and this goes for Liberia where women have suffered tremendously.  Mortality rates for child baring women is one of the world highest. 

Trauma from abuse is also extremely high.  Not only do we treat this trauma physically, but psychologically as well with our on site psychologist or through telemedicine counseling.


We are very proud of the fact that we have X-ray equipment that can be used in a multitude of ways in this region.  Again on site volunteers, locally trained professional as well as telemedicine provide us with world class abilities in remote areas at reduced costs.

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