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May 22 in Los Angeles

Hey everyone!  YK in collaboration with Athena Starseed based in Los Angeles, is having a national fundraiser event to benefit YK's hospital completion in Liberia, West Aftica featuring a fantastic array of talent.  It's a must see, must hear event.  Stay tuned to this page for more information


Eric Walsh of Intent

We are honored to have Eric Walh from the Reggae Band Intent perform for our hospital's cause.


Dona De-Lory

Here's a taste of Dona De Lory's soothing vocalizations.  We are going to have fun on May 22nd.  Listen to Here in Heaven


Athena Starseed

An angel in the City of Angels, Athena Starseed is a humanitarian with an incredible array of humanitarian tools among which are:  she's a singer, songwriter, musician, motivational speaker, channel and fitness guru.


Tico Wells

How many of you remember the movie The Five Heartbeats.  Well my man Tico Wells is one of those beats.  He has plenty more to say since then.



Femme - Women Healing The World is the perfect art work for this fund raiser and this project.  The reason is because Nazim has captured the theme of the world right now.  Women all over the world are coming together to heal the world as Dorine and her inspiration Grandma Yei Kaalu.


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