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Restorative justice is the core concept of balance and peace in many if not most African cultures. We could do well to learn from this aspect of indigenous cultures and their concept of social justice. I remember when I was in South Africa, I was invited to an elders meeting in the township of Manenburg. The meeting was inside a spacious dimly lite wooden shack with dirt floors and wooden benches. Seated up front were 4 or five elderly men in very clean and well worn suits, but no ties. The dignity of the men as they sat there reminded me of those seated on the US Supreme Court or the Hague. As an honored guest I was allowed to sit up front, but told to say nothing. I was to observe, l


The number 149 is according to the World Happiness Report 2018 the rank of happiness for Liberians out of a total of 163 countries surveyed. The country at the top of the list is Finland. In fact, most of the Nordic countries are at the top. China ranks 60th and the US is 18th. Let's examine this more closely as to the reasons why and what can be done about this ranking for Liberia. Yei Kaalu is committed to improving the overall ranking of Liberia for this list and others mentioned below. We want Liberians to be happy. In fact, there are a number of indices we would like to help Liberia leapfrog to the top or near the top per the following indices. They are as follows: The Human Dev

The Drink of Liberty!? Possibly!

You have to love a coffee with the word liberty built into it. I can see our tag line now, "Freedom comes with every sip!" or "Life, liberty and the pursuit of coffee!" So what does coffee and a hospital in Liberia have in common? Nothing! Until we connect the dots. Remember, we are thinking Doughnut Economics and Self Contained Philanthropy i.e., Cause-Specific Enterprises. First, a little background. Coffee relative from West Africa. Liberian Coffee accounts for around 1% of commercially grown coffee. Taste and appearance of the beans and berries is similar to the more common coffee, although beans are often larger but contain a tough, difficult to shell skin, hindering their commerc

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