Mango Lassi & The King's Dream!

"We must be the change we wish to see in the world!" Gandhi What do these words and the delicious Indian drink of chopped ripe mango, yogurt, honey and cardamon have to do with Gandhi? Well, I first heard these words from Arun Gandhi, the grandson of Mohandas Gandhi in Memphis, Tennessee at an Indian restaurant. My friend Kay MacKenzie introduced me to this great man. Kay had worked with him at the M K Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence which is dedicated to the peace process on this terribly divided planet. Could it be that I personally make a difference in this world? The answer is definitely yes! However, yes, I can make a positive difference; and, yes, I can also make a negative diff


Let's talk about the capital of Nimba County - Sannequillie. This is where our hospital is located; and where its founder Dorine Gono is from. Here is some quick history I pulled from Wikipedia. You can read more at this link about Sannequillie: Mano and Gio people believe they came to this area in the period of great migration between 1450 and 1650 A.D. Until 1904, the area was ruled by traditional monarchs and warriors. Sanniquellie was named by native Kpelle people who were sent to the north of the Liberia as border troops (later the Liberian Frontier Force) to defend the internal stability of the country in the middle of the 19th century. The name was too difficult for home tribes of

WHO Liberia

Today we want to focus on the statistics and programs that are being offered in Liberia as provided by organizations such as the World Health Organization. WHO Liberia 2016 Annual Report states the following about one of our primary concerns - Maternal and Newborn Health as found on page 31 of the above mentioned report: Liberia is among countries with the highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the world. Maternal mortality is estimated at 1,072 per 100,000 live births, a significant increase from 578 per 100,000 live births in 2000. Similarly, neonatal mortality and post-neonatal mortality in 2013 were estimated at 26 and 54 deaths per 1,000 live births respectively. These high rat

Doughnut Economics

One of the most important aspects Yei Kaalu Memorial Hospital brings to Sannequillie is the healing of mind, body and soul. However, the healing arts for Yei Kaalu also means acknowledging itself as an economic player in the region. Currently, we provide construction jobs in the building of the hospital. Further ripple effects can be felt in the purchase of bricks, sand, cement and food for the workers. As the hospital is completed and becomes operational, we see the employment of doctors, nurses, midwives, maintenance, security and other related fields. As the hospital grows, we envision voluntourism becoming a big factor for the hospital. Outside doctors, nurses, scientists, research

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