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Transforming Education

By Dorine Gono/Chuck LaMark

What does education look like in Liberia in 2022? What should education look like in Liberia in 2022? In the world, the global community in 2022? Liberia has a chance to leapfrog the most developed countries at this time in history due to its lack of infrastructure in so many areas. Why can we and how? We can start and rethink here below is part of the why and how:

This coming September, world leaders will meet in New York. On the agenda is education. It is called Transforming Education.

The pandemic set almost every country on this planet back on all levels of human development, including education and, of course, health, the topic of education and its need for transformation has become paramount and self-evident. All the flaws have been exposed to an even greater level of awareness.

United Nations Deputy Secretary General Amina J. Mohammed stated something that I believe may be a seed change toward how the world views and addresses education. Madame Mohammed also stated regarding education, "Transformation is about repurposing education and rethinking the what and how of learning." This is profound coming from such a high level. Its not about reforming education, or tweaking, but transforming and repurposing education. Finally!!! She went on to say that we need to place more emphasis on four pillars from the Action Track 2 of the SDG4 i.e., "On foundational learning; On skills for life and living together; On skills for a changing world of work; And on education for sustainable development." SDG4 refers to the UN's 2030 Sustainable Development Goal on Education. Please click on this link to learn a lot more about this inspiring


This blog will serve as a basis for our next few blogs which will include outcomes from the UN's September meeting. So stay tuned!! More education in Liberia also means better health in Liberia and elsewhere! We believe that.


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