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Benefit Concert

On May 22nd, 2021, Yei Kaalu Memorial Hospital is being hosted by Athena Starseed for a fantastic fundraiser concert called Kirtan and Reggae Raising the Vibration Benefit Concert. It's an online live event at the home of my good friend Athena Starseed in Sherman Oaks outside of Los Angeles. All donated proceeds go directly to the hospital. Ticket sales of attendees at the fundraiser itself will cover the overhead costs of the event.

Ms.Yei Kaalu is our name sake for our hospital under construction in Liberia in West Africa. She was the grandmother of Dorine Gono, the founder of the hospital. Dorine has been working on the development of the hospital for many years. This has been a labor of love bonded by the words of her grandmother: "Pass the love and compassion for community forward". Yei Kaalu instilled this compassion into Dorine at an early age inspiring her to not only help her birth community of her village Sanniquellie, Liberia where the hospital is located, but also in Philadelphia, where she lives as a practicing nurse commuting back and forth from the US and West Africa bringing much needed medical supplies and hope to her village. This is the kind of spirit most immigrants bring to the US. People from other countries believe in the Shinning Light on the Hill called America. They help their own country as well as their newly adopted country here in the US. They spread the idea of hard work and hope all around the world. They are the best ambassadors of freedom the US has in this complicated and confused world. This is a perfect example of when we give, we give also to ourselves by the very act of giving. It is not a separate non connected act! The adage to give is to receive is indeed affirmed by Yei Kaalu and Dorine Gono!

Dorine would like to see the hospital completed by the end of this year to fulfill her grandmother's dream. We're not just talking about the physical infrastructure. What is also needed is more medical expertise in the form of doctors and nurses. Liberia does not have enough trained medical personnel. Two recent civil wars and an Ebola outbreak have decimated the medical profession in Liberia. She would like to train more people. Perhaps the hospital could be used as a training hospital. Her philosophy is to have Yei Kaalu Memorial Hospital as a place facilitating healing as community. Healing on the medical level, of course, but also on the community level, spiritual level, mental level and economic level. The hospital can be a seed for economic development such as medical voluntourism as an economic driver for the building of hotels or B&B's, cafes, stores and other services, i.e., the multiplier effect. This is SuSu: the coming together in community self help. Sitting under the susu tree or around a camp fire to discuss, act and heal together. Healing does not happen in isolation. It is Fambu Tok! So sign up on the Facebook link here: Kirtan and Reggae Benefit Concert. There's a wonderful lineup for a worthy cause. All we ask is a (click on this link) $10 dollar donation. Splurge and make it $11. It will help us greatly! Thanks for your support.

E Se Kalele! (Thank you... Yet!)

Let's SuSu!


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