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Doughnut Economics

One of the most important aspects Yei Kaalu Memorial Hospital brings to Sannequillie is the healing of mind, body and soul. However, the healing arts for Yei Kaalu also means acknowledging itself as an economic player in the region. Currently, we provide construction jobs in the building of the hospital. Further ripple effects can be felt in the purchase of bricks, sand, cement and food for the workers. As the hospital is completed and becomes operational, we see the employment of doctors, nurses, midwives, maintenance, security and other related fields. As the hospital grows, we envision voluntourism becoming a big factor for the hospital. Outside doctors, nurses, scientists, researchers will pay to come stay in local community homes in an Air BnB format. This means more construction of homes or remodeling, utilities, appliances, etc. to help accommodate these volunteers.

We see cafes and restaurants, entertainment, hotels, tourism (both environmental and health related) internet services, drone delivery of medicines, telemedicine development as an outgrowth of Yei Kaalu’s growth in Sannequillie. Yei Kaalu very much fits into the Doughnut Economic Model developed by Kate Raworth of Oxford University. This model takes everything into consideration including so-called economic externalities such as the environment, social equality, politics, etc.

Like the healing Dwin spirits that inhabit the local rivers and lakes in Liberia represented in the metal artifact depicted here, we have come full circle (pun intended) in developing a comprehensive economic model that benefits the whole of Nimba County, but not at the expense of any other business, persons, counties or countries including their respective environments. This is our long view. We seek healing as a balance internally and externally. We seek healing individually as well as communally.

We seek healing scientifically as well as spiritually. We seek healing economically as well as environmentally. We seek balance and wholeness.

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