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Progress being made...!

This is a tribute to Ms. Dorine Gono and her Liberian team of workers including our construction engineer Saah Kettor aka SK! We had up to 25 workers for 45 days laboring to finish the walls in preparation for the next phase which will be building the roof. Toward the end we had 10 to 5 workers as our money ran out. We spent $1,000 on food for the workers and $1,500 in salaries during construction. The following were our overall costs: Cement - $2,500, tools - $25.00, bricks - $5,000 and gas - $200. We have our own water well, so no costs incurred there. Ms. Gono spent her own money for the flight over, room and board. She has sacrificed much for this labor of love to fulfill a promise made to her grandmother to care for the people of Nimba County and her town of Sannequillie.

The weather was unusual for this time of year in Liberia. This should have been the rainy season, but there was no rain thus allowing construction to continue without too much interference.

The local population is extremely excited about the hospital and cannot wait for its completion. There is always much anticipation for any time Dorine comes to Sannequillie in the interior of Liberia near beautiful Mt Nimba.

Stay tuned for further updates and happenings with Yei Kaalu (YK) Dwin Report!

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