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Moore Student Power!

The YMCA may be one of the best places in Columbia, SC to network. It is at the Y that I met Professor Phil Barlett from the Darla Moore Business School. The Moore Business School is one of the best in the US especially its International program. Due to a chance meeting at the Y with this retired our nation’s finest turned adjunct business professor, Yei Kaalu benefited tremendously from fate’s whim. How? Moore student power!

Professor Bartlett teaches college level business courses using case study methods involving a very diverse array of active businesses. At his invitation, Yei Kaalu presented its case to a class of 40+ students. Their task was to dive deep into Yei Kaalu’s needs and goals resulting in the best way to achieve such via business plans created by each of 5-6 teams the professor had divided the class into.

We found their interview process to be thorough, fresh and enthusiastic to say the least. Having fresh eyes and energy from more innocent perspectives has been extremely helpful in moving Yei Kaalu forward.

Their business plans were excellent providing ideas we would have never thought. Most impressive of all was the sincerity and concern the student had for our project. In addition, I believe we have a potential base for future volunteers as some of them may continue to follow us after their graduation from Moore.

Did I mention that the professor is an explorer and Fellow at the Royal Geographical Society. That may explain his sense of adventure and curiosity. Yei Kaalu is grateful to the veteran soldier - cop - explorer - humanitarian - professor Barlett and his students. Job well done!

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